Debt Enterprises

Debt Management Program

Over nine in ten Americans carry some debt, such as a credit card balance, a car loan, or a home mortgage. Credit cards can function as a safety net for many people, covering living expenses from month to month. If you owe money to multiple creditors, managing debt can feel a bit like you owe everyone something.  It is stressful enough just parting with the money every month, let alone tracking everywhere it has to go.

Debt can snowball as you increase your balance on one card to make payments on another card. Or, if you chose to carry a balance while paying off student debt, sooner or later, the short term solution to a monthly payment could become a problem on its own. Creditors are always ready to continue to extend credit if it means they can make money on your future interest payments.

Even if you’ve managed to stop new borrowing, you might not be able to make your monthly payments if you experience a sudden loss of income, such as losing your job. Or perhaps you’ve finally turned the corner on controlling your debt, but an unexpected expense can put you back at square one. Medical bills or a family emergency can take you from actively paying down your debt to racking up interest payments, all because of forces outside your control.

You don’t have to manage your debt alone. A debt counselor that knows consumer credit inside and out can help you make sense of the situation and develop the right plan to pay down your debt. Debt management and consolidation can make it so that you have one manageable payment to make each month. 

A realistic debt management plan from Debt Enterprises is designed for your budget so that making monthly payments doesn’t require unsustainable sacrifices. Debt Enterprises’s debt management program doesn’t require you to take out an additional loan to eliminate your credit card debt, so you won’t compound the existing problem.

Once you’re ready to take control of your credit situation, here’s how it will work. After you reach out to Debt Enterprises, a professionally trained and independently certified counselor will: