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Credit Counseling Program

In America, carrying debt is much more common than being debt-free. The average American household has around $8,000 in credit card debt. The sources of debt can be varied, whether from credit card spending that gradually increases, student loans for higher education, or a mortgage on a family home. No matter the debt cause, all debt has one thing in common: you owe money.

Credit card debt can sneak into your life. A credit card can make it hard to track how much you’re spending day-to-day. When you use cash to pay for things, you actually part with the money from your wallet at the time of the transaction. You get regular reminders of how much you are spending every time you make another trip to the ATM or bank window. With a credit card, those small charges can just keep adding up until the end of the month. The rows and rows of small transactions accumulate into a surprisingly high bill, and if you don’t pay it in time, even more charges and fees are tacked on.

Even for conscientious credit card users that keep their spending within a realistic budget, things can happen. A surprise car expense or home repair, a medical bill or family emergency can turn your credit card from a convenient way to pay into the only way to pay. While working on getting things back to normal, you can lose track of the interest payments, minimum payment percent, and APRs. Even if you’ve corralled all the various credit lines into one payment with a consolidation loan, the repayment is still hanging over you.

Individuals facing financial difficulties experience very different situations. That’s why a credit counseling service is different than simply taking out a consolidation loan. A credit consolidation loan may seem like the only option, but when you contact Debt Enterprises, we will help you determine the best way to approach your situation and provide you with the best credit counseling service options possible.

When you contact our counseling center, professionally trained and certified counselors will: